Radiohead is too good for the music industry

Jun 16 2009 Published by under Film/TV, Music

So I sat through 2.5 hours of the Grammy telecast in order to see Radiohead perform. Radiohead was awesome, and their 4 minutes on primetime in the US revealed something that, I’m guessing, most of the music industry didn’t want to be let out: that everything in the regular music industry (from Kenny Chesney to Coldplay to MIA) is crap. It’s easy for mildly talented artists to shine when put in a spotlight with other mildly talented artists. But throw a great artist into the mix–one who creates complex and interesting music that defies most of the standard pop cliches–and everything else pales by comparison.

No wonder the audience provided lukewarm applause after their number (which came accompanied by the USC marching band–brilliant idea). Radiohead just revealed them for who they actually are.

Originally published 2/8/09

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