Top 10/Bottom 3 for July 2009

A First-Draft Version of FW

A First-Draft Version of FW

Top 10

  1. Angels baseball–doing well despite the injuries/tragedies of this season.
  2. Mapsadasical–my latest source for excellent music recommendations (and some nifty photos to boot)
  3. iPhone 3GS–32 GB storage space means waaaaaay more music in my pocket at all times.  Plus it’s faster and the video camera is excellent!
  4. Landon Donovan–Redlands-born US national team player and LA Galaxy star just had a phenomenal Confederation’s Cup and is the dominant player on the US side.
  5. Finnegans Wake
  6. Pizza Chalet
  7. Sleep
  8. New Doctor Who
  9. Feedly
  10. Adult Swim in all its glory (from Squidbillies to Venture Brothers to everything else–awesome weirdness galore)

Bottom 3

  1. Summer heat (it’s 111 today in El Centro, and it’s not even July 4.  August is usually the hot month)
  2. Republicans
  3. TV networks that spend more than 5 minutes on Michael Jackson’s death
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