Best so far of 2010 is…

Jul 26 2010 Published by under Music

Sadly, The future is no longer what it was

It’s past the midpoint of 2010 by about a month.  A lot of great music has been released in the past 7 months: Joanna Newsom’s Have One on Me, Pan Sonic’s Gravitoni, Flying Lotus’s Cosmogramma, Frank Bretschneider’s EXP, Emeralds’ Does It Look Like I’m Here? Dolphins into the Future’s The Music of Belief, and Autechre’s Oversteps, to name just the stuff I’ve been listening to.

But one work stands above all these, has invaded my listening space like on other…and it came out in 2009.  It’s Leyland Kirby’s Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was.  I’ve reviewed it already, but I thought I’d reassert the magnitude of this work again.  It’s easily the best album of the current decade, even if it was released in the tail end of the last.  It’s a long, difficult album, but it overwhelms me at every turn.

Absolutely essential listening.

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