Top 10/Bottom 3: August 2010

Live Control and iPad

Top 10

  1. Mad Men (oh yeah, it’s back)
  2. The IT Crowd (4th season starts Aug 10)
  3. Broadcast (seem to have the clearest sense of what Hauntology should SOUND like: warped, fragmented, discarded sonic impressions of the past)
  4. Louie (an amazingly good show)
  5. Patton Oswalt (finally saw him in concert–in San Diego during ComiCon, where he reigns as king [with Felicia Day as queen, of course])
  6. The Guild (speaking of Felicia)
  7. Ableton Live (am taking the advanced course on this program from Berklee College–it’s a great course, and I’m constantly amazed how deep and how fascinating Live is)
  8. Inception (the rare big-budget action film based around an original idea)
  9. Barak Obama (sorry all you conservatives out there–he’s saving the country and you’re trying to ruin it.  In 2 years, that’ll be crystal clear; right now, it’s not.)
  10. LiveControl (controlling Ableton Live with my iPad is awesome–exactly what I was hoping for when I bought the pad)

Bottom 3

  1. Angels (not every year can be a playoff year)
  2. Meg Whitman (if she just gave California the money she is spending on her campaign, the state wouldn’t have to lay off all those teachers)
  3. All other Republicans
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