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Oct 30 2010 Published by under Internet/Media, Music

Pye Corner

Stop what you are doing right now, go to, and buy a copy of Black Mill Tapes Vol. 1.  It just came out today, and it’s fantastic.  It’s warbly, stuttering synth music of the highest order.  Think Tangerine Dream rerecorded by William Basinski’s decaying tape-loop machine.  Think Delia Derbyshire if she were in a late 70s synth band.  More than anything else, think awesome because it’s awesome.  Get it now.  It’s only ₤4.99, which is about $8 US.  Download it and play it for yourself or your friends as a Halloween present.  Heck, if you’re in Mexico, play it on Monday for Dia De Los Muertos.  The dead will love it–because the dead probably created it!

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