New Boards of Canada?

Mar 02 2011 Published by under Music, Personal

BOC Disc

The photo above is a screenshot of Boards of Canada’s official discography page.  Notice the arrow?  It points to a blank space.

When you click the blank space, this pops up:

What you get when you click on the blank

More blankness.

The key here: these blank spaces weren’t on the site a few days ago.  Are these placeholders?  Will the blankness be replaced with an upcoming album cover and album information?  Who knows, but for Boards of Canada fans the world over–those of us who visit this site every damn day waiting and hoping for some news on the elusive duo’s next album (a rare event that only happens once or twice a decade)–this change to one of the three pages on the website made us jump out of our seats and spit up whatever caffeinated beverage we were drinking at the time.  Because this is about as close to an announcement about new Boards of Canada material that we’ve gotten for about five years.

So this better be the first stages of an album release.  Otherwise, I might have to kill the Internet.

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One response so far

  • Beebo says:

    Noticed that same thing last week!! I too thought it was a cryptic, quasi placeholder for a new album. Hadn’t remembered that being there before either.

    I sure hope they release something new this year…even if it’s just another EP. We’ll definitely get a new album before 20121221 however.