And…It’s Here!

Apr 10 2011 Published by under Internet/Media, Music, Personal

Cover of Michael Heumann's Riverrun

Yes, that is correct: Riverrun is available now at Bandcamp and will be available soon at iTunes, Amazon, Emusic, and other online music stores.  If you go to Bandcamp, you can listen to every song for free and buy whatever you’d like–and two tracks are available for free (including the title track).  A bonus song, “Spell Dignity,” is also available there.

Additionally, my new website,, is now up and running.  You’ll see a link at the top of this page.  It takes the place of the Haunted Ink Records website and contains all sorts of information about my music.

Finally, while you’re visiting Bandcamp to buy my new album, make sure to stop by Pye Corner Audio’s Bandcamp page to purchase their wonderful new album Black Mill Tapes Vol. 2 (and, by “new,” I mean hours old).  Vol. 1 was one of the best releases of 2010, and Vol. 2 is more of the same wonderful analog wonderfulness.  It’s £4.99, which is about $8 USD.  Riverrun is $5.  That means you can get two albums for a fraction of the cost of a season of Glee on DVD, and you can guarantee that all proceeds will go to the artists themselves (unlike, say, Glee).  So go Bandcamp, and thank you for reading my blog and listening to my music!

Michael Heumann (aka The Inkbottle)

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