Great Job, May!

May 25 2011 Published by under Hauntology, Humor, Internet/Media, Music

May 2011 has brought a number of stellar releases (and promises of more releases) to my little world:

  • An awesome new Joker single, “The Vision,” coupled with the news that his first album is on its way (but how soon?).
  • Jon Brooks’s Music for Dieter Rams, which is a wonderful collection of songs crafted from samples of Brooks’s alarm clock.  I didn’t expect an album created using a gimmick like that to be so rich and beautiful, but it’s both.
  • Leyland Kirby has revamped his website, released Vol. 1 of his 12″ series Intrigue & Stuff (Vols. 2-4 coming later this year), released a brand new Caretaker album (An empty bliss beyond this World) and another Caretaker release to come later this year), and announced a new Leyland Kirby full-length release, as well.  He has also developed a “digital subscription plan” for those who want all of his releases this year.
  • The Book of Mormon original cast recording was released, so I can find out what everyone has been talking about.

Good month, indeed–at least on the music front.

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