Top 10/Bottom 1: August 2011

Top 10

  1.  The Great White Silence (unbelievable film of Scott’s Antarctic expedition, newly restored with a soundtrack by Simon Fisher Turner)
  2. OTO Biscuit (yummy!)
  3. David Bowie (for being awesome)
  4. Advisory Circle’s As the Crow Flies
  5. A Dance with Dragons (great continuation of epic fantasy series)
  6. Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace
  7. Boomkat (still best place to get great music)
  8. The Guild (another season!)
  9. The Shadow Line
  10. Jon Stewart and Stewart Colbert (still best thing about the USA)

Bottom 1

Only one bottom this month–the debt limit debate, summarized perfectly in Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s Team America:

To use the poetry of this brief scene, the tea party (and the other Republicans) are assholes.  Obama is acting too much like a pussy.  He needs to be more of a dick so those assholes don’t turn the whole country into shit.  Oh, and if he needs lessons, then he should ask his Sec. of State and her husband, don’t you think?  How’s that for a 50 word summary of the whole crisis?

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