Top 10/Bottom 3: September 2011

Top 10

  1. Grendel Drone Commander
  2. Louie
  3. Leyland Kirby’s Eager to tear apart the Stars
  4. Into the Labyrinth
  5. The return of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  6. Presonus Firestudio Pro
  7. Carne asada
  8. The Clock of the Long Now
  9. Raxxess rack for my music equipment
  10. A long weekend of sitting on my ass watching TV

Bottom 3

  1. The horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE Doctor Who specials running on BBC America featuring US celebrities narrating and commenting on Doctor Who (a la I Love the 80s, etc…).  It’s blatantly obvious that these idiots couldn’t name a doctor other than Matt Smith.  I love Doctor Who, but those specials make me want to hate it.  Way to go, BBC America–you’re ruining the only hit you have.
  2. The new Amy-narrated opening to this season of Doctor Who that foregrounds the show as about THIS doctor and these companions in the exact way those horrible specials do.  I wonder if they’re showing that opening in the UK.  Please FSM, tell me no!
  3. Republicans (of course)
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