Top 10/Bottom 3: November 2011

Pye Corner Audio Black Mill Tapes Vol 2
Top 10
  1. New Pye Corner Audio (single from Ghost Box coming, followed by Vol. 3 hopefully soon)
  2. Byetone, SyMeta (next best thing to having Pan Sonic back)
  3. Chardee McDennis (I can’t stop thinking about that game)
  4. Kindle Fire (am eager to check it out)
  5. Vernor Vinge, The Children of the Sky (follow-up to wonderful A Fire Upon the Deep)
  6. South Park (love the return of Lemmiwinks episode)
  7. King Midas Sound, Without You
  8. Occupy Wall Street going global
  9. Candy
  10. Tom Waits, Bad as Me
Bottom 3
  1. Herman Cain, Romney, Perry (they’re all the same–flaming idiots)
  2. Everything else Republican/Fox/Koch related
  3. My back (which is bugging the hell out of me)
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