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Top 10/Bottom 3: February 2012 (Krautrock Edition)

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Top 10

  1. Cluster, Zuckerzeit
  2. Harmonia, Live 1974
  3. Neu!
  4. Kraftwerk, Ralf & Florian
  5. Agitation Free, Malesch
  6. Faust IV
  7. Can, Tago Mago
  8. Harmonia, Musik von Harmonia
  9. Harmonia & Eno ’76, Tracks and Traces
  10. Klaus Schulze, La Vie Electronique

Bottom 3

  1. All the good Krautrock books are out of print and incredibly expensive
  2. Cosmic Jokers music almost impossible to find (though I did snag a copy of their first album on LP)
  3. Having to go into the New Age aisle at Amoeba Records in Hollywood just to get some Klaus Schulze.

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Pye Corner Audio Black Mill Tapes Vol 3 Out Now

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Pye Corner Audio Black Mill Tapes Vol 3 Cover


The third volume of the wonderful, analog synth festival that is Pye Corner Audio’s Black Mill Tapes series is now available for download at Bandcamp.  I downloaded it immediately after I saw the notice on PCA’s web site that it was available.  I’ve listened to it numerous times now, and I’m happy to say that this is the best of the Black Mill Tapes series to date.  It expands the palate of Pye Corner Audio by adding in some really interesting distortion (like the warped synthesizer fun of the final track, “Theme Number Eight”) and bubbling, backfiring grooves that take the ideas of the previous albums and expands them in all sorts of fun and interesting directions.

Did the best album of 2012 come out in the middle of January?  I’m not sure, but it’s a pretty great start to a new year.

Not bad for $5.99.

More on Pye Corner Audio.  Buy the new album now.


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