New (Old) Tod Dockstader

Sep 18 2012 Published by under Hauntology, Music, Technology

Dockstader's Electronic Vol 1

Another great re-release from the electronic music historical archives is coming out on Mordant Music later this week (in the UK) or next week (in the US).  Tod Dockstader is a fantastic artist who has been relevant for about 40 years or so.  His Aerial trilogy was one of the best works of the last decade, but long before that–way back before computers and everything–he was making and releasing some really innovative, exciting music.  A lot of it was collected on a 1979 Creel Pone LP called, simply, Electronic.  This album is now being re-released on the Mordant Music label as Electronic Vol. 1 (with a Vol. 2 to be released later).  I’ve only heard the clips below, but they sound fantastic, and I can’t wait to hear more.

For more info, check out the clips below or visit Mordant Music.  Buy the LP at Boomkat or download it from any of the usual suspects.

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