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Jan 27 2014 Published by under Personal, Sports

Go Seahawks

I have been a Seattle Seahawks fan since 1976, the year that the team came into being.  I was 8 years old; I knew next to nothing about sports, but I loved the city of Seattle because it rained all the time there (as opposed to where I lived, in Riverside, CA).  Even though I never left California or moved up to Cascadia, I have been an ardent Seahawks supporter throughout the team’s nearly 40-year history.  Yes, most of those years were miserable , but that’s the way of following a team: you endure the bad times so that the good times will be all the sweeter.

So this week is one of those good times: the Seahawks are playing in the Super Bowl!  Like all the other Seahawks fans, I’ll be watching and cheering on the team on Sunday.  Granted, I’ll be on pins and needles through the whole game hoping beyond hope that all goes well; to be quite honest, I’ll really be rooting for a rout (in the Seahawks’ favor, of course).

So I don’t want to analyze the game or the match ups.  I don’t want to strategize about what Seattle needs to do to beat Peyton Manning and the Broncos.  I don’t want to do anything that takes me away from being a stupid fan and cheering on my team to victory.  So I’ll just stop here and say:

Go Hawks!

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