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Photo of the Month, October 2013

Oct 06 2013 Published by under Music, Personal, Photo of the Month, Technology

Smartphones at DM

Photo of smartphones watching Depeche Mode at the Staples Center, September 28, 2013.


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Favorites as of Sept 2013

Sep 13 2013 Published by under Music, Personal


Here’s the music I love the most right now, on September 13, 2013:

  • Everything by Pye Corner Audio
  • Everything by Pan Sonic (along with most everything by Mika Vainio)
  • Neutral Milk Hotel, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
  • Everything by Joanna Newsom
  • Leyland Kirby, Sadly, the Future Is No Longer What It Was
  • Everything by Burial
  • Harmonia, Live 1974
  • Broadcast, Tender Buttons
  • The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

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RIP Top 10/Bottom 3, Long Live Photo of the Month

Sep 06 2013 Published by under Literature, Personal, Photo of the Month, Top 10/Bottom 3

The Top 10/Bottom 3 section of this blog is no more.  Alas!

But never fear.  Here’s a new feature: Photo of the Month!

Photo of the Month for September 2013 displays the most awesome 50s cover of a classic Issac Asimov novel, The Currents of Space (one of the “Empire” novels that preceded his more famous Foundation trilogy).  Enjoy!

The Currents of Space

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Top 10/Bottom 3: July 2013

Jul 17 2013 Published by under Film/TV, Humor, Internet/Media, Music, Personal, Politics, Top 10/Bottom 3



Top 10

  1. The Venture Bros.
  2. Mika Vainio, Kilo
  3. Chris Watson, In St. Cuthbert’s Time
  4. Pye Corner Audio, Conical Spaces
  5. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig (re-watching before I watch the new GITS)
  6. The League (rewatching for the 5th time)
  7. Archer (watched whole series twice in a row over the last month)
  8. Bunheads (I like it, so shut up!)
  9. ALM’s Pamela’s Workout
  10. Synthesis Technology’s E580

Bottom 3 Reasons I Didn’t Post the July Top 10/Bottom 3 Until July 17

  1. I forgot
  2. Protest Drone strikes
  3. ‘Merica

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Top 10/Bottom 3: June 2013



Top 10 Things I Believe (in no particular order)

  1. Hockey players are the best athletes in the world because they have to be fast, strong, tough, nimble, dexterous, and fearless–all while on ice with tiny slivers of metal beneath their feet to keep them upright.
  2. Pye Corner Audio should be the most popular music in the world.  Joanna Newsom second.
  3. The new Star Trek movie was TERRIBLE–one of the worst things I’ve seen in years.
  4. All glory to the Hypno-Toad and the Noisering
  5. Joanna Newsom should rule the world
  6. Everyone should read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy–and then read the other 15-30 books set in the same universe.
  7. Socialism is awesome
  8. My wife is awesome
  9. Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is fantastic and you need to read it now now now
  10. Jane McGonigal is right–reality IS broken

Top 3 Things I Don’t Believe

  1. Doctor Who just keeps getting better and better
  2. I need to spend more money on modular synths
  3. I really enjoy 4 straight months of 110 degree weather.

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Top 10/Bottom 3: May 2013

Make Noise Echophon

Make Noise Echophon

Top 10

  1. What else?  Boards of Canada, Tomorrow’s Harvest
  2. Make Noise Echophon
  3. Game of Thrones
  4. Parks and Recreation
  5. New Venture Bros!
  6. Portland Timbers
  7. A real summer vacation (until June 24, at least)
  8. Half in the Bag
  9. Jon Brooks, Shapwick
  10. Daft Punk, “Get Lucky” (I like it, though it would be way better if a woman were singing)

Bottom 3

  1. Every Republican in Washington
  2. GW Bush’s Library
  3. Heat

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Top 10/Bottom 3: April 2013

Apr 02 2013 Published by under Internet/Media, Music, Personal, Technology, Top 10/Bottom 3

My modular

Top 10 Eurorack Modules (in my system)

  1. Livewire Dalek Modulator
  2. WMD uHC
  3. Doepfer A-119
  4. Doepfer A-199
  5. Make Noise MMG
  6. Make Noise Maths
  7. WMD Multimode Envelope
  8. XAOC Devices Moskwa
  9. Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay
  10. Circuit Abbey Unify

Bottom 3 Eurorack Modules (not in my system)

  1. MFB Dual ASDR (oddly cut–didn’t fit properly)
  2. SnazzyFX Ardcore (couldn’t find enough uses to justify keeping it)
  3. Doepfer A-190-2 (mine just didn’t work)

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Cookbook 069

Mar 10 2013 Published by under Music, Personal

This is my first experiment at integrating my electric guitar into my Eurorack modular using the Doepfer A-119 external input. The guitar sound is mixed with a simple sequence I made using the Moskwa sequencer, a sine wave oscillator, some filters, and an ADR-cycled envelope. I’m still working on the basic idea here, but I thought it was an interesting first attempt.

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Top 10/Bottom 3: March 2013

Ix Tab

Top 10

  2. Ernest Cline, Ready Player One
  3. IX Tab, Spindle & the Bregnut Tree
  4. Hacker Farm, UHF
  5. The League
  7. Start of MLS season!
  8. Spring Training in MLB
  9. New EP from Pye Corner Audio
  10. Meeting Dick Mills

Bottom 3

  1. Republicans
  2. The word “sequester”
  3. Fat

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Two “Modular Battle” Entries

Mar 05 2013 Published by under Internet/Media, Music, Personal has set up a series of “Modular Battles.”  The first asked participants to create a 2-minute track with only one module, the second with only two, and the third with (you guessed it) only three.  I failed to participate in the first two, but I did have time to plop down two entries for the third.  Here they are.  Enjoy!

Update: Here’s a new one for the new Module Battle #4 that is even more Doctor Who than the others (if that’s possible):

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