Thank You for Visiting Trantor

This is a collection of sci-fi sound effects inspired by Isaac Asimov’s Foundation universe as the BBC Radiophonic Workshop would have imagined it and as Haunted Ink would have written it.

Our hero is searching for Trantor, the former home planet of a Galactic Empire that once spanned a million worlds but is now just the stuff of legend. As he visits one planet after another, he acquires clues to unlock the mystery of what happened so many years ago to send such a great civilization into the abyss. He also encounters elevators the size of cities, singing planets, ancient rituals, flies, lasers, robots, unusual gravity sinks, caverns of ice and fire, vistas that extend beyond the boundaries of time, deserts that move, and, of course, killer moths.

This album will be released on July 17, 2015.

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